The Compliance Engine is an online data base that multiple jurisdictions (Fire Marshall’s) can view all submitted maintenances records. The Compliance Engine is used to keep commercial facilities up to date on their maintenance. Crown Cleaning will submit all work orders after the cleaning on the customers behalf. This will notify the Fire Marshall that services were provided and no ‘past due’ letters will be sent to the customers.

Kitchen hood exhaust cleaningKitchen Hood Exhaust Cleaning

Crown Cleaning specializes in deep cleaning all types of commercial kitchen hood exhaust cleaning. Although we utilize a variety of methods to professionally clean hoods, duct-work, and exhaust fans, the two most common techniques used are high pressure power washing and manual grease removal. The two are often used in tandem to effectively clean an exhaust system.

We clean all areas that are accessible.

Kitchen exhaust fans produce oil and grease that may collect on the roof. This can lead to costly roof repairs, dangerous work areas, and even fire.

Crown Cleaning offers the most effective solution to the problem of rooftop grease. We utilize a system that traps and contains the grease in all weather conditions.

Our system is a proven solution used by customers throughout the U.S.


Are you getting full value from your current commercial kitchen exhaust cleaner?


Ten important things to consider when choosing a commercial kitchen exhaust cleaner
  1. How long have they been in business?
    Crown Cleaning has been locally owned and operated in Kansas City for over 60 years. Our longevity is proof of our desire to serve our customers. We were here yesterday – we’ll be here tomorrow.
  2. Do they have the resources to handle your needs?
    Crown Cleaning operates 10 crews from a 5,000 sq. ft. office / warehouse facility. That’s over 30 people with one mission – to make you happy.
  3. Can they offer scheduling flexibility that works best for you?
    Crown Cleaning has evening and daytime crews for maximum flexibility and minimum disruption of your business. We call in advance to schedule and remind you of your next scheduled visit.
  4. Are they certified members of the industries trade organizations?
    Crown Cleaning is a certified member of: IKECA – International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association, NFPA – National Fire Protection Association, MRA – Missouri Restaurant Association and the NADCA – National Air Duct Cleaners Association.
  5. Are they bonded and fully insured?
    Crown Cleaning carries full comprehensive insurance, workman’s compensation, & bonded service personnel. A certificate of insurance is available upon request.
  6. Can they show you a list of satisfied customers?
    Crown Cleaning clients include the major casinos, Hardees, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Hallmark, Sprint, General Motors and large local hotels and hospitals. Ask for a current client list.
  7. Are you getting full kitchen exhaust cleaning or just cleaned hoods?
    Crown Cleaning cleans all areas that are accessible. From the cook hood to the duct-work to the exhaust fans to minimize fires and improve ventilation in your building. Cleaning only the hoods is like washing only half a shirt.
  8. Do they offer a wide range of services for your convenience?
    Crown Cleaning offers a full-range of related services. Kitchen hood exhaust cleaning, rooftop grease containment systems, filter exchange cleaning and maintenance, filter sales and HVAC air duct cleaning. One source – one phone call.
  9. Do they accept Visa and Mastercard?
    Crown Cleaning gladly accepts Visa and MasterCard payment for your convenience.
  10. Do they provide a detailed quote and explanation of all services to be performed?
    Crown Cleaning gives each customer a detailed quote and explanation of services to be performed as well as recommendations to keep your equipment tip-top.

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