Access Doors

The Best High-Temperature Duct Access Doors

Crown Cleaning and OMNI (the Industry’s leader in Access Doors) are proud to bring you the best high-temperature duct access door on the market. For a simple solutions to your complicated task try Durasystem’s pre-assembled high temperature access doors.

Available in both 1000¾ and 2300¾ models, Durasystem has designed these doors to exceed all existing criteria for high temperature access doors. Durasystem’s exceptional 2300¾ door has been designed to meet all the standards set forth in NFPA 96.


Durasystem Access Door Features

  • For grease duct and high temperature applications
  • Can be special ordered in any size, round or flat
  • 16 gauge black iron backing place
  • Smooth interior finish
  • No measuring (self-sticking template provided)
  • Effortless opening & closing (no tool required)
  • No frame to install & seal
  • Available in many sizes of standard flat & round duct access doors
  • High temperature fiberglass or ceramic gasket meets NFPA 96 standard
  • Bolts are welded to the inner door panel