Grease Filters

Crown Cleaning proudly offers a low cost and effective way of keeping your kitchen grease exhaust filters clean. Our service begins by “exchanging” your dirty or clogged filters with professionally-cleaned filters of the same type and size. We then return the dirty filters to our plant to be cleaned in specially-constructed soak tanks.

Our cleaning process ensures that the “gaps” in the baffled filters are free of obstructions, and allow proper air flow.

We use only permanent UL-listed grease exhaust filters designed to help grease drain from your exhaust system, reducing the amount of hazardous fuel stored above your cooking equipment.

Our two-inch thick filters are not flimsy throw-away filters. They can be ordered in sturdy aluminum, heavyweight galvanized steel, or polished stainless steel.



Solid baffle construction insures a dependable flame barrier when you need it. Efficient grease removal lowers the risk of flare-ups. Lighter weight and smooth surfaces mean safer handling for employees.

How to Measure Grease Filters

When measuring Grease Filters, please provide both the vertical (Height) and horizontal (Width) measurements. The baffles (ridges) will run vertically (from top to bottom). Always list the Vertical (Height) first when ordering filters. Example: 16×20 is approximately 16 inches high by 20 inches wide.