Grease Gutters/Rooftop Containment

Is Your Roof Really Protected?
Be sure with the Grease Gutter™ – Rooftop Grease Protection System

The Proof is in the Padding

To find out, take a few minutes to perform a “peek test” on your current rooftop protection system. The majority of Grease Gutter™ customers had competing products on their roofs and thought that their rooftop grease problems were solved. However, when they examined their protection systems a little more closely, they found out that these expensive systems were only hiding the problem, not protecting the roof as promised.

Don’t let a clean top layer of filter material fool you. An unscrupulous service provider might change only this layer to save himself the time, effort and expense required to do the job properly. A poorly maintained protection system will often cause more damage to a roof than if it was left unprotected.

A quick peek at the roof under the protection systems is often all that is needed to verify that you have been receiving the service and protection that you have paid for.

We are the only OMNI dealer in Kansas City.
We only sell OMNI.
Designed to separate grease from weather i.e. snow, ice, rain.

Uncontrolled roof top grease leads to:

  • Severe roof damage
  • Increased fire risk
  • May lead to environmental violations

Until Grease Gutter™, rooftop grease control products were so difficult to service that proper maintenance was discouraged.

Grease Gutter™ Highlights

  • One piece filter simplifies service
  • Mounts off roof to avoid hidden damage
  • Compact design doesn’t interfere with service providers
  • Economical to purchase and maintain

Filter Sock Replacement

Generally, when you have your kitchen hood ducts and fans cleaned, it is a good time to change your Grease Gutter™ System filters.

Why use Genuine Omni Containment Systems Grease Gutter™ replacement filters?

Simple! All absorbent material is not the same!

  • Our absorbent material does not deteriorate due to UV exposure from the sun. We found that after only 30 days of sun exposure, most available absorbent material began to deteriorate. All that was left was the greasy inner material making swap outs and cleanup a nightmare.
  • Our special filters absorb fat based grease/oils. Other “absorbents” are designed to contain petroleum based oils, not fat based grease/oils.
  • Our filters repel moisture. The key to the incredible capacity of our filters is that they do not use up valuable space by retaining moisture. This allows complete saturation with the culprit, fat based grease/oils.